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About us

Shivsamarth Associates pioneered First Crushed Sand Plant In Western Maharashtra. Shivsamarth Crushed Sand is recognized and loved by its commercial as well as individual customers for its precise quality and timely delivery.

More Than 950 Happy And Satisfied Customers Spread All Over Western Maharashtra endorse the brand Shivsamarth.

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Services We Offer


Crushed Sand For Road Construction

Road Construction

1) Its peculiar conical particle shape gives extra strength to the road
2) Finer finishing in less time could be achieved which reduces labour cost
3) We provide 40 mm and 60 mm aggregate sand.

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Crushed Sand For Building Construction

Building Construction

1) Gives strength to building
2) Reduces cement usage in turn lowering the construction cost
3) Finer finishing in less time could be achieved
4) Reduces construction cost compared with river sand

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Why Shivsamarth Crushed Sand?

Shivsamarth Crushed Sand is the best crushed sand in the Western Maharashtra because-

Conical Shape : Due to advanced VSI technology used for manufacturing, Shivsamarth crushed sand’s aggregate has peculiar conical shape. Such shape packs the sand particles tightly without keeping space in between which gives strength and finer finishing to the construction. Also conical shape causes reduction in cement usage in turn lowers the construction cost and speeds the work.

Stone quality : Shivsamarth has its own quarry. Stone from our quarry is of very superior quality passes all the impact tests. This high quality of stone translates in to robust aggregates of Shivsamarth Sand.

Low Dust Percentage : Slit, clay coming from the quarry is removed in the first stage of production itself. This reduces the dust percentage in sand. Shivsamarth sand comes with permissible dust percentage of 15-17 % while other sands in the market are having 40-45 % dust.

Single Quarry Sand : Our crushed sand comes from the single quarry which ensures its consistent quality and gradation.

Customer say something


Chetan Vasa

Accurate RMC, Holandi, Kolhapur

Shivsamarth Associates are our suppliers for crushed sand and aggregates. There has been no chance to complain about any parameter with Shivsamarth. Quality is undoubtedly finest. We always take crushed sand from them. And also suggest Shivsamarth to our good friends.

S. R. Patil Engineers and Developers


We use crushed sand from Shivsamarth Associates. Quality of the sand is very good. The dust percentage is 15-17% in Shivsamarth while other sand in the market is having 40-50% dust. Also construction cost is reduced after using this sand instead of river sand. We have been using Shivsamarth Associate’s sand because it gives strength and finer finishing to the construction.

Mahesh Patil

Manager Ultratech Cement Ltd; RMC Division

We started taking crushed sand from Shivsamarth. Shivsamarth provides 10mm, 20 mm aggregates to our plant. Shivsamarth is the most reliable supplier. They have their very own quarry and stone from that quarry meets all our quality standards. Due to VSI technology crushed sand has conical shape and low dust percentage which is the most highlighting point for us to choose them as our supplier. Because of their heavy production capacity they are capable to supply bulk orders.

Anand Constructions Company,


Shivsamarth never fails to amuse us. Coming from a construction side, we are always in the demand of cement, crushed sand and 10mm, 20mm aggregates. This company never says “we are out of stock” or of any such problems. They are best suppliers with the reasonable prices in the market.


Vishwakarma Builders and Developers

They always provide on time delivery of services promised. They completely understand our business and are the trusted supplier in all our projects. Over the years we have developed relation beyond of business and have word of advice whenever needed.

Abhijit Magdum

Bhima Builders, Kolhapur

Ultratech cement has been provided to us by Shivsamarth Associates from a long time. They are bulk Quantity providers. As per the requirements Shivsamarth always delivers huge amount of sand and other products.
Abhijeet Magdum describes ShivSamarth as: “They prove their tag line very well: Only Quality Matters!”

Onkar Constructions

Shivsamarth provides 40mm, 60mm GSB grade 1 and 2 aggregates for road construction. They provide A1 quality of grade 1 and grade 2 ratio mixing which gives best construction strength. Shivsamarth has been providing this best quality mixture to us from long time and we are satisfied with the services provided.

Niraman Constructions

We have been taking crushed sand and aggregates from Shivsamarth for road construction purpose. Undoubtedly best quality givers in the Western Maharashtra.

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